Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creating a Space for Discussion (Discussion Group Participation)

       The great thing about our discussion group was that everyone had great ideas.  Each of us became passionate at interpreting Equus, realizing how the play could be viewed through several theoretical lenses.  We were eager to share our ideas with each other, constantly emailing back and forth to communicate with the group.  But emails proved to be ineffective.  In order to trace the ongoing conversation, we would have to open several windows.  Hence, as a group, we agreed that a blog would be a great way to communicate with each other and not only that, it would a space where we could compile materials that we might use on our presentation day.
      As a tangible contribution to the group, I set up and designed the blog which was our space for discussion.  Being a large group, the best way for us to organize our thoughts was through discussion.  We needed to talk out the possibilities before us in order to reach a consensus.  The blog evidences the different ideas the group considered as we prepared for our presentation.
      But of course, our blog is only a space for discussion.  If there was any important contribution to our group's presentation that should be considered, I believe it to be the sharing of ideas, of the possibilities in the text we were explicating.  In sharing, we not only learned different views but we also played a role in supporting and establishing the ideas of our peers.